HydraFacial: Cost, Procedure, and Benefits

HydraFacial: Cost, Procedure, and Benefits

A HydraFacial is a patented cosmetic skin treatment to rid the face of wrinkles, acne, dryness, pimples, and hyperpigmentation. It involves the use of a medical-grade hydradermabrasion device that performs a patented three-step process that includes cleansing, exfoliating, and infusing the skin with hydrating serums that have anti-aging and antioxidant properties.

HydraFacial deeply cleanses, exfoliate, and hydrates your skin to produce a spotless, bright and younger-looking skin. The device gently vacuums out pores and blemishes while simultaneously pushing in hydrating serums which moisturize, brighten, and plump your skin. 

HydraFacial is a non-invasive procedure that is similar to a regular facial but it provides more dramatic results. The treatment is customized to your skin type for better results. The treatment helps to improve the tone, texture, and appearance of your facial skin.

Benefits of HydraFacial

HydraFacial: Cost, Procedure, and Benefits

1. HydraFacial is used for the treatment of blackheads

Blackheads are small dark bumps on the skin that are caused by clogged hair follicles. They are a mild type of noninflammatory acne that usually appear on the face, but can also appear on the back and chest. HydroFacial can be used to remove blackheads using extraction and exfoliating.

2. It can be used for the treatment of acne and hyperpigmentation

HydraFacial is an effective treatment for acne and hyperpigmentation. The device has deep extraction and exfoliating abilities to remove acne and spots from the face.

3. It is used for the treatment of rosacea

Rosacea is a skin condition that causes redness and visible blood vessels, and small, red, pus-filled bumps on the face. HydraFacial can be used to treat this condition.

4. It is used for the treatment of pimples and wrinkles

HydraFacial is an effective treatment for pimples and wrinkles. It’s deep extraction abilities help to remove pimples while it’s hydrating and plumbing abilities helps to improve the appearance of wrinkles.

5. It helps to reduce signs of aging

HydraFacial helps to reduce signs of aging by hydrating and exfoliating the skin. The serums which are pushed into the skin contain anti-aging properties that help to keep the skin looking young.


An aesthetician or a dermatologist performs HydraFacial.

First, your dermatologist will apply a mix of salicylic and glycolic acids on your skin to help break up hard diets and serums that are clogging pores. He or she will then use the HydraFacial device with a vortex-like attachment to deep clean your skin and remove sebum from the deep pores in your skin.

The device also removes dead skin cells, exfoliate and clear away dirt from the surface of your skin.

Next, your dermatologist will use the device with a vacuum-like attachment to extract debris from your pores.

Lastly, your dermatologist will then use the device with a pen-like attachment to apply moisturizing and nourishing serums deep into your skin.

Cost of HydraFacial

The cost of HydraFacials varies depending on the provider on the size of the area to be treated, the location, and expertise of the provider. The cost of HydraFacial ranges from $150 to $300, with the average cost being $175 per session. Expect to pay more if any add-ons or booster treatments are provided along with it.

Does a HydraFacial really work?

Yes. HydraFacial is very effective. Many people have experienced significant improvements in the appearance of their face after undergoing HydraFacial. The treatment provides radiant, smooth, glowing, and healthy-looking skin.

How long do Hydrafacials last?

HydraFacial provides immediate radiant and even skin tone. Results can last for weeks to a month or longer.

What should you not do after a HydraFacial?

After undergoing HydraFacial;

Is it normal to break out after a HydraFacial?

Breakouts rarely occur with HydraFacial. If it does happen, there is no cause for worry.

Does a HydraFacial make you peel?

HydraFacial gives your skin the peeling effect as it exfoliates your skin. Unlike chemical peels, HydraFacial is gentle on the skin and doesn’t peel off the inner layers of the skin. It exfoliates, clears the pores on your skin, and hydrates your skin, to produce smooth, toned, and clear-looking skin.

Does a HydraFacial remove blackheads?

Yes. HydraFacial clears up pores and removes blackheads. HydraFacial clears blackheads using extraction and exfoliating effects. It removes the dirt in hair follicles and clears off blackheads.

Which is better HydraFacial or microdermabrasion?

HydraFacial: Cost, Procedure, and Benefits

HydraFacial is a more advanced type of microdermabrasion. HydraFacial and microdermabrasion both exfoliate the skin. However, Hydrafacials allow more room for customization and better results.

HydraFacial allows for more penetration of hydration than that of microdermabrasion. HydraFacial is a 3-step treatment that involves cleansing, exfoliation, and pushing of serums and hydration back into the skin.

Microdermabrasion involves removing the top layers of the skin (epidermis) by using a wand to exfoliate the surface of the skin and vacuuming the top layers that were removed away.

HydraFacial is non-invasive and gentle on the skin. Many people find the non-invasive nature of Hydrafacials more beneficial. There is no pain and no downtime.

People can continue with their daily activities immediately after undergoing HydraFacial.

Microdermabrasion is a minimally invasive procedure. There are more serious side effects compared to Hydrafacial. Microdermabrasion can cause serious skin redness that can last for several hours or longer,

As skincare professionals, we generally advise people to go with HydraFacial instead of microdermabrasion because of its benefits and safety.

HydraFacial is more effective and more thorough in removing impurities from the skin while ensuring the health and safety of the skin. It can be customized according to a person’s skin and needs.

Is HydraFacial harmful?

HydraFacial is a very safe cosmetic treatment. It doesn’t cause pain or serious complications. It is entirely harmless and safe.

How often should you get Hydrafacials?

It is recommended that you go for HydraFacial treatment once every two weeks. When your skin is in a good condition, you can then go for maintenance treatments once every month.

Are Hydrafacials worth the money?

HydraFacial is very effective. It produces a wrinkle-free, smooth, glowing, and healthy-looking skin. The cost of HydraFacial is relatively low compared to some other cosmetic treatments.

HydraFacial is very much worth it and you should consider having it, especially before attending an event.

Is a HydraFacial better than a regular facial?

HydraFacial: Cost, Procedure, and Benefits

HydraFacial is a more advanced facial treatment. It provides a gentle cleansing and exfoliating experience. It hydrates your skin while infusing nourishing serums into your skin.

It is customized according to your skin needs. HydraFacial is a better choice than a regular facial.

Does HydraFacial remove whiteheads?

Whiteheads develop when dead skin cells, sebum, and bacteria clog in your pores. Whiteheads are a type of acne. HydraFacial can remove a variety of skin impurities including whiteheads. It uses an extraction and exfoliating wand to remove whiteheads.

What does a HydraFacial feel like?

HydraFacial is easy on the skin. It feels like a tiny vacuum lightly tugging on your skin. You won’t feel pain as the device is being used against your skin.

What can I expect from a HydraFacial?

HydraFacial is a 3-step treatment. During the first step, your skin will be deep cleaned using a vortex-like attachment and sebum will be removed from the pores in your skin.

Your skin will be exfoliated and dead skin cells will be removed and cleared away from your skin.

The second step involves extracting and vacuuming debris away from your pores using a vacuum-like attachment.

Lastly, a pen-like attachment is used to apply moisturizing and nourishing serums deep into your skin.

It takes about 30 minutes to complete HydraFacial treatment.

You may experience minor skin redness and increased skin sensitivity that will go away in a few hours.

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